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To lowlands italy

I am sure for anyone to either be really or pretend to be so disoriented, the reason for it stems from the self-imposed trauma caused by sinning; I am sure in order to justify your crimes, you'd want to justify your deeds by finding faults on others and blaming the others; but the thing is whatever true sin you created such as a verichip in my head several times, and many other sins, this is your crime and your sin, unapologized and unpaid for as you unrepented, that sin is solely yours and your own to bear whether I sinned against you or not, deciding that you needed to take a bad action against me was your decision, so no matter how heavy your sin bears on your consciousness, bear it. You've never apologized nor have you tried to set me free, so live with it, die with it and carry it through Death Valley after this life for all the other forms of lives to come.
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To lowlands italy, by Louisa yiew 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Louisa yiew 20 days ago
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