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274 My Mother's An Inspiration

My Mother is the greatest inspiration
To me, our family and everyone she meets.
Without even the slightest hesitation
She greets you smiling and cheerfully sweet.
The past few years have left her to suffer
With a dreaded disease which many of us fear.
It seems to have made her a lot tougher,
But we wonder how she can endure all the wear.

You ask her how she is doing and she will say
I could sit here and be miserable and everyone hurt,
Or I can smile and say I’m doing okay for today,
So you’ll no be dreading ot hear her being curt.
She keeps herself busy even when she isn’t feeling good
By making things pleasant for others she knows,
With projects for charities and her neighborhood
Which makes her happier, you can tell how she glows.

Her visits o doctors and in for bad tests
Certainly don’t seem very pleasant to us;
But, she cheers up the doctors and nurses the best
By laughing, joking and with funny things to discuss.
And when the time comes and her suffering is done,
She’ll still be an inspiration for all she has met
For surely she’ll be smiling down with the Great One,
And we’ll still be inspired and looking up to her yet.

© copyright 8/1/1999 by Jean E. Gorney
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