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Beyond my wildest dreams desperately devastating 2003 after i reported strange activity my husband involved in p*rn drugs with my neighbors jay Townsend Johnson toni Townsend my life was now in danger this sex drug cartel begin shooting in my window stealing poetry from my night stand home invasion threatening calls women throwing trashy under garments on my terrace it was as if a strip club exploded as i awaited the fbi my husband became enraged i realized pages id written in a journal describing ciro gargano involved in arson murders after his released from prison 1992 he and larry hayes invested drug monies into florida sex strip clubs after Hayes was arrested leaving Fort Myers ciro gargano his brother peter were now being investigated for child p*rn in fort myers i feared my safety never in my wildest dreams could prepare me for this the Milwaukee fbi arrived actually helping my husband cover his ties with the sex trade id reported in tears to special agent paula brand partnered with special agent kevin dreary the Milwaukee FBI sent down filthy corrupt fbi agents who enjoyed sex with my husband sex with peter his mafia buddies none other than john gotti jr garganos silent business partner invested into properties being ran by corrupt officers taco store fronts Mexican drug cartels insurance fraud and catrina bell ongoing drug smuggler whom begin 1986 transporting drug inside her daughter's diapers from Jamaica Canada 2003 this operation merged with gargano and police corruption the operation fbi hired me to wear wires pregnant resulting in 39 convictions and exiling i fear my safety my husband begin abusing the children and i as i awaited the fbi to answer my call they never did this resulted in an assasin pointing a glock at home by gods grace he died at my feet finally a car bomb igniting my face that's not the worse sadly the Milwaukee fbi helped gargano catrina bell john gotti jr and my husband to cover this child p*rn from Ontario canada through Florida jamaica cuba haiti i knew i had to get away from his abuse more threats from a crazed heroin dealer sex worker announced she's been having sex with my husband since age 14 years old now 37 she lured me to my death by poison i went along because dirty cops called my home demanding i go or they were going to plant a gym bag of drugs inside my home bust in my home arrest me with their drugs sending my kids to foster homes where my children sleep simply because i kelp reporting this sick twisted terror by gods grace as i lay paralyzed corrupt agents along with mexican violent offender sex worker asumandez soltero stole documents relating to my traumatic brain injury lawsuit taking these pages to ciro gargano his brother peter john gotti jr the baby monster the GAMBINO crime family began extorting racketeering embezzling my lively hood meanwhile Canadian officials announce this p*rn operation over looked covered up by Milwaukee fbi agents taking bribed payoffs having sex with my husband and the crime family the real owners behind the northern spotlight child p*rn young girls were implanted with catrina bells drugs sent on cruise ships across the seas sadly corruption paid a few sex workers with fake law degrees where they now punish the victims of domestic child abuse while protecting the abusers which is why my desperate plea for help fell on dearh ears right into the kings and queen of child porns laps peter gargano catrina bell john gotti jr sadly corrupt Milwaukee fbi agents Alicia Hilton Danita Delmont

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iolanda Mason Italy 10 days ago
2003 my desperate please went unheard allowing northern spotlight to continue decades 
Sickos, by iolanda Mason Italy 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
iolanda Mason Italy 10 days ago
closure very sad terror
iolanda Mason Italy 9 days ago
very sad
Nona Vicentino 10 days ago
awesome read
iolanda Mason Italy 10 days ago
Thank you very much
Sonja Carnes 10 days ago
Excellent work
iolanda Mason Italy 10 days ago
thank you
ingrid heimbach 10 days ago
corruption hurts us all
Nona Vicentino 10 days ago
thank you
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