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peter gargano's play house

peter gargano under investigation for child p*rn after I contacted the fbi my suspicions about my ex husbands ties to ciro gargano's strippers it wasn't long a very graphic email peter on tape with a very young jameila bell very distraught he ask me questions about trina bell her daughter finally exposing he was being blackmailed by his own brother ciro gargano catrina bell a corrupt officers niece peter was on the council florida lottery he sold liquor licenses permits pioneer realty treasure of the knights of Columbus san carlos chapter also his son Anthony prominent attorney in fort myers fl.very afraid of his families image being destroyed by this it was may 9th 2004 he knocks on my door very odd but not really my property manager informed me about the garganos child p*rn I was very concerned peter said he could take care of anything with just a little bit of money that little money was a voided check on behalf of my brain injury the beginning of the blackmail payoff it's too bad catrina got greedy she wanted more peter even gave them fake law degrees copying his niece sicily gargano giving this trash employment this wasn't enough either they went after more monies on my behalf this began the severe payoff of corrupt agents

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peter gargano's play house, by iolanda Mason Italy 3.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Sonja Carnes 9 days ago
Interesting and well written.
iolanda Mason Italy 9 days ago
thank you
ingrid heimbach 10 days ago
wunderbar wriet
iolanda Mason Italy 10 days ago
thank you
Nona Vicentino 10 days ago
awesome wriet
LeAnn (Le) Howard 9 days ago
Are these real people you are speaking of and trying to get a story out? 
iolanda Mason Italy 9 days ago
Thank you
SinitiereJogeock SinitiereJogeock 9 days ago
ur a wack nutcase
iolanda Mason Italy 9 days ago
thank you edgar allen poe
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