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the blackmailing of pete gargano

I awakened to peter's desperation
peter's was this dwarf of a man
about four and a half feet tall
this made him feel quite awkward
inadequate when it came to women
he was married with a secret appetite
for children he and his giant power
house figures business partners
1992 he invested drug monies
into strip clubs in fort myers

tampa fort Lauderdale he and
gotti were business partners
as well laundering drug monies
into property his brother ciro
emerged from prison running
his usual used car business
north Chicagoans other life
peter was the treasure of the
knights of Columbus he boasted

about trading liquor licenses to
drug dealers club owners pete
and his son under investigation
child p*rn rumors all over fort myers
finally peters paths crossed catrina bell
trina her young daughter jameila along
with her friends operation northern
spot light from Ontario Canada
from Milwaukee usa coach bus
the big boys were in hog heaven

mobsters having vip with strippers
he'd asked my advise on buying
out foxy's strip club it was a hit
and a plus these young women
weren't just strippers prostitutes
they were also drug smugglers
transporting heroin in there rectum
from Jamaica to Canada to mexico

they were called mules code for *ss
peter called me in a panic he was being
blackmailed by catrina bell a corrupt
officers niece I was going through
a divorce my ex husband also involved
with these strippers human cargo
I reported my fears to the fbi shocking
threats shooting in my home hitmen

gunned down at my feet on his way
to murder my son and I it was then
I relocated my children to fort myers
strange phone calls strippers yelling
at my husband demanding monies
I reported my fears to the fbi this
resulted in a car bomb igniting my face
I wasn't suppose to survive by gods grace

laying in a coma secret meets ups
my husband and ciro gargano I knew
my life was in danger my husband
was tied to gargano his arson murder
resulting in 9 victims my husband set
the blaze because gargano needed
the property to open his grandest
whorehouse ever it fell through flopped
it was then he went to his brother pete

combining enterprising his online child p*rn
jameila was caught on film with peter
catrina bell begin black mailing peter
seated with his own brother ciro down
on his luck broke in fort myers his used
car business went under his strip club
busted by feds. he was now desperate
peter referred me to his son anthony
firm he then begin using the funds

to payoff the blackmail to catrina bell
he paid the child p*rn star with a voided
check in my name 49 thousand dollar
six hundred and ninety five dollars great
plan fbi agents Talisa shaw Alicia Hilton
impersonates me side by side my
husband bank of America ironically
the voided check cleared at his sons

firm but catrina got greedy continued
threatening to tell peters wife he was
caught on tape with a young daughter
peter begin payoff corruption funding
the gangs as this extortion led to many
attempts on my life to silence me this
way catrina bell would continue receiving
annuity payments set aside for my health
long term traumatic brain injury treatment

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William Dalton 9 days ago
Very strongly written, compelling, lacking correct punctuation, capitalization (lacking the caps of the title and author),stanzas. I am far from finished Iolanda Mason Italy, you poem was a very excellent read it kept me wanting more upon more, i truly do not have enough space for a correct judgement of your poetic abilities but they go beyond amateur. Admirable work for what it spoke on.
iolanda Mason Italy 9 days ago
very sad these terrorist in skirt continue pete's embezzling of my insurance claim
the blackmailing of pete gargano, by iolanda Mason Italy 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
iolanda Mason Italy 9 days ago
very stressful closure
claire keaton 9 days ago
Jawahar Gupta 9 days ago
well narrated
Peter's was this dwarf of a man 
about four and a half feet tall 
this made him feel quite awkward 
inadequate when it came to women 
he was married with a secret appetite 
for children ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,   Well thought,Rich in content,
Some things are under our control but some things are under Divine control,
We have to understand and respect the divinity,
~~~Jawahar Gupta ~~~
claire keaton 9 days ago
thank you
ingrid heimbach 9 days ago
claire keaton 8 days ago
thank you
William Dalton 9 days ago
Computer malfunction refer to comment box. One box not enough space for all the comment on the poem and your abilities anyway.
claire keaton 9 days ago
thank you
Sonja Carnes 9 days ago
Excellent work Amazingly good!
iolanda Mason Italy 9 days ago
thank you
Nona Vicentino 9 days ago
awesome read
iolanda Mason Italy 9 days ago
thank you
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