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as the eternal picture burns in one's soul
what you did has left a hole
how could you do such a thing
leaving me in this dreaded ring
all yours and his for what how one lives
as i have caused you no harm
confessed secrets to a man of a saint
a person so pure an yet i say why
the unknown is gone as you made me cry
you pushed me shoved me until my soul bled
and then as a helper you run you heed
for what is in thy nature of you and he
senseless illness as i now feel
needless to say love was real
as the patronising end my sweet friend
i was there for you that you did depend
for why have ye forsaken me sow thy name
in vain to free thy soul is not to put down
for it is time for the strength in god
to parrish with me in the kindest of manner

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langley, by claire keaton 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
claire keaton 8 days ago
lasting four weeks thank god for therapist
Sonja Carnes 8 days ago
Well written and Expressed
Exquisite piece!
claire keaton 8 days ago
Thank you
ingrid heimbach 8 days ago
Wunderbar wriet
claire keaton 8 days ago
Thank you
Nona Vicentino 8 days ago
Awesome read
claire keaton 7 days ago
thank you
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