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The honey Bees wanted to contribute flower greenery
And big trees so that they also can live within periphery
Strength enhance with the entire collective endeavor
Naturally honest multiplied with laborious behavior
A new land must shine with mutual toil and familiarity
Unity is strength thus Butterfly land add-on with parity
They are winged beauty, looking pretty, working bright
Don’t know indolence and deceive no quarrel and fight
Sincere toil is their habit and always straight forward
The motion of the country never ever takes backward.
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TALE OF SEVENTY -IV , by ARUN MAZUMDER 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Christopher Russon 7 days ago
At one with nature.
Sonja Carnes 7 days ago
Nature is full of beauty and peace
Excellent poem here, Arun!
ARUN MAZUMDER 7 days ago
The motion of the country never ever takes backward.
Vishal Rasgotra 7 days ago
Good work
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