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A life of me

My coming in this world bought no joy
Oh Alas! They wish it was a boy
My mother was now burdened with the blame
All she brought to family was shame, shame and shame..

Never knew I had no right to be born
They dressed me well so I could be torn
Is it a big sin to be a girl?
From birth to death my life has been in twirl...

Beaten to black, like a carpet they dragged,
The 'money bag' a name with which I was tagged,
Could someone save me that time?
No light , no hope, I was thrown like a dime...

The crime was done, his fun was over,
I thought it ended but I was kept as a leftover,
One by one , they laughed on my misery,
Never will I come out of this injury...

Questions and questions in my brain whirl,
Is it my fault I was born as a girl?
My life wouldn't be this if I was boy,
I wouldn't be handed in hands like a toy...

From rags to dust, from misery to lust,
Could there be someone whom I could trust?
My heart and brain both denied,
Never could I become a decent bride..

My life, my goals, my dreams, my soul,
Nothing in my hand, everything they stole.
Death was approaching, now I could see,
It gave me relief that now I would be free...

Each second my breath passing away,
I died before my hair became grey,
A world so beautiful now I see,
And I pray , never a girl lives a life like me.
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A life of me, by hajara hakeem 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
hajara hakeem 8 days ago
Girls are not a play toy

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