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I could reach out for the stars
or even to the planet of Mars.
I could take a nap and sleep
without making nary a peep.

I could conquer mist and doom
when problems on the horizon loom.
I could be a king or queen or
anyone betwixt or ‘tween.

I could be in a hammock between two trees
and enjoy the nature with such ease.
I could be campaigning for a better world
or watch while others do so with my lips furled.

I could discover a new miracle drug
or sit around saying that’s great as I shrug.
I could stumble through the forest lost and in a daze
or write a book that to others will amaze.

I could give a hug to someone who feels lost
Or put my life in danger no matter what the cost.
As for the memories that I recall,
They’re always expressed in tales so tall.

© copyright 1999.08.01 by Jean E. Gorney
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