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Daughter is married to a good husband very simple
Behaves grand, looking handsome and earns ample
Happy family with spouse and children no other need
Days pass on normal flow but husband widen greed.
Affair just builds up between sister-in-law and owner
Poor spouse shunted out from family with dishonor.
Just she leaves the course as her own sister concerned
She forfeits her family life but allowed sister for grand.
Due to shyness she left the locality passing lonely life
Just exists recall of the past while as husband and wife.
Standing under the light blue space of vast emptiness,
Expression knocks but held up to come out to space.
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TRIANGULAR LOVE-IV(repost), by ARUN MAZUMDER 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
ARUN MAZUMDER 4 days ago
Expression knocks but held up to come out to space.
Sonja Carnes 4 days ago
"Expression knocks but held up tocome out to space."
Interesting and good!
Nice work good poem here
Uma Natarajan 4 days ago
Give space
Larry Stallings 4 days ago
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