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"A Moment..."

A moment in my mind
A bird circling the sky
thru the breeze does not blow
he climb higher and sing
"Thru I have fallen far from the tree, I must climb higher and sing"
A moment in my mind
as heaven tears fall
A bird is climbing higher in the sky
thru the breeze blow
He'll sing "I'll burn my wings but heaven won't allow it"
A moment in my mind
as he climb to the sun
You'll hear a roar from this little bird
for he is Phoenix and sing
"I will burn over the sky but I won't fall"
A moment in my mind.

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"A Moment...", by Phyllis Perry 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Phyllis Perry 8 days ago
it a long story and hard story...I had to write this
Sonja Carnes 8 days ago
Excellent poem here, I love the Mythology of the Phoenix!
 Phyllis, interesting and intriguing work!
Well done!
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