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Never Enough

There never seems to be enough time
To spend and chat with you.
The days roll by, the years soon pass,
But where are we? I ask.
Could I past moments reapture,
Relive them once again,
Time would not be lost to us,
Our love would not be in vain.     

There are never enough words
To describe the way I feel,
Those days when you cannot be here,
I ask, why are you there?
Could I express my sentiment?
Tell you how much I miss you,
Time spent with you will be well spent,
If hours spent are but a few.

There never seems to be enough love
For me to give to you.
The hours pass, the weeks drift by,
But how I long to try.
Could I but hold you long enough,
Enough to make you see
That I could love you just as much,
And much more than you allow me.        

Barbara A. Cadogan © 1983              
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Ramon Banuelos More than 1 year ago
This poem is about someone who loves a person so much.
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