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Beaten and bruised.  Broken bodies.
Mangled by starvation.  Lack of vitality.
Trapped or tripped.  Tricked with no choice.
Human slaves.  Left to rot in misery.
O, what a Eucharist!
Every tree.  Shapes like a cross.
One thing is free.  Torture and mis-trust.
Heroes and villains. Keep pushin' and pullin'
Caught in the middle.  Have no voice but to saddle.
O, what a Eucharist!
Strewn bodies.  The Body and the Blood:
Broken for you.  And shed for you.
Death is indeed a resurrection for us.
In dying we liberate the terror of living.
O, what a Eucharist!
[Dedicated to Tamil Civilians in Sri Lanka]

 By Chandi Sinnathurai (Also published in Axisoflogic) 
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Daniel Kamete More than 1 year ago
Very grim and hard-hitting! I liked that you use short sentences. This further intensifies the poem. I liked your use of "Eucharist" as visual imagery. Great poem. I can't really find anything wrong with it
Sylvia Hammond Barr More than 1 year ago
Very moving.
jun Ishida More than 1 year ago
interesting idea for a poem
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