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Take me to Timbuktu
where I want to learn geometry.
Relaxing in a mud hut
where the hot winds turns into a cool breeze.
Let me play the harmonica while
measuring the world in a grain of sand.
Flood my thoughts with Timbuktu
I want to learn to sing and play the tunes
across the desert dunes.
When the sky is black
and the moon is like an icy-choc
The stars are lit, for us too
O, take me to Timbuktu...
Where the dreamers never die
The dreams live on to see another morn
So, honk the horn
Those who want to hitch a ride 
to Timbuktu!
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anil mathew More than 1 year ago
keep going...
Donald Jones More than 1 year ago
We all want to get away to our fantasy land.
Mark Green More than 1 year ago
it was good
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