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Prolific outcome

Sparrows were set their nest on tree
Meticulously to set straws and crease it
They devoted to done job with zeal and zest
Exercise to seated on nest to examine, if it is fit
Day & night their goal have complete the  
Nest edifice and they have been done their kit,
Once I have noticed that dirge noise was
Coming out, I saw the snake was around it
Fortunately he runaway without harm the
Sparrow’s eggs on nest, sparrow was delight to
Seen the enemy has gone, few days after
I heard that the kids noise from that site/
I noticed their hard working has been prolific
I saw on the nest someone’s shivering mitts
The sparrows were jumping and singing a song
/For their new born babies as well achieved target  
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Spike Yeo More than 1 year ago
the cycle of life i love it :)
drkgbalakrishnan kandangath More than 1 year ago
Sandra Meadows More than 1 year ago
Shakil Ahmed More than 1 year ago
ah right-o
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