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Not so much

I was once found often on this site,
Sitting at the computer I would write,
Many times till late in the night,
When I visit now it is but a short time,
I offer a poem and am told not to rhyme,
So I read their work and it is best as mime,

If you rate my work then let yours show,
Show me don't tell me what you know,
Upon the world your greatness bestow,

Or like the top dog just resubmit,
Those same old words in sanskrit,
Those words I could describe but they wont permit,

Everyone is a poet in their own mind,
Take it from me it is time to be kind,
And to the lesser poems be a little blind.

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Destiny Choice 10 months ago
The sweet and short of this poem--KUDOS!
Rîchård Açévédø More than 1 year ago
If I could rate 10 stars, I would! You said it best, as I have felt the same way. Thank you for posting this fantastic poem! The Pinocchio Poet says, "If you wrote it, you deserve my respect!"
Rîchård Açévédø More than 1 year ago
Troy, if you get a chance, check out my poem dedicated to BIGO "No Poems" Israel!
Troy Kaneer More than 1 year ago
much appreciated.
Troy Kaneer More than 1 year ago
yes he inspired that, him and Dr repeat myself incessantly kandrablahblahblah. will read it now
Brianna Marroquin More than 1 year ago
People should take heed from this poem; beautifully crafted and informative, it mirrors the actions of many on this site. However, I love it because it is playful and enchanting.
Troy Kaneer More than 1 year ago
thank yo Brianna
Troy Kaneer More than 1 year ago
Derrick Puente More than 1 year ago
IGBO Israel More than 1 year ago
Your rather too aggressive like your fighting back to be heard, well the truth is no one hears you when you fight the system.Work on your sense stress and modulation to envelop your readers and capture their thoughts. Regards Phinehas
Troy Kaneer More than 1 year ago
you are full of yourself. again show me dont tell me
Troy Kaneer More than 1 year ago
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