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when I was little
I was afraid of the dark
I used to hide in a corner and
sit and cry until someone came
and turned on the light
now,my worst fear
is losing you again, 
I cant find my way out
I cant see you
i'm just listening to your voice
hoping to find a way out but
now that your voice is gone
I sit back in the corner,
and cry waiting for you

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Alexis Bryant More than 1 year ago
Nice poem. (Admittedly, I would like it better with better punctuation. )
Ronald Bunch More than 1 year ago
nice Brittany
Aaron Sutra More than 1 year ago
limmerick maybe
Chastity Lassiter More than 1 year ago
Not a favorite.
Mike Hunthurts More than 1 year ago
Get a grip with your asinine melodrama already!
Aaron Sutra More than 1 year ago
wow, review fairlylease,
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