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I look in the mirror

I look in the mirror, and what do i see?
The most hideous thing to fall from a tree.
I'm lumpy, I'm huge, I don't like a thing.
If I could only be thin, such smiles It'd bring.
I eat bright green salads, no dressing, no cheese.
I limit my fats, no honey from bees.
No candy, no sugar, no chips, no junk.
I look in the mirror, nothing has shrunk.
I never drink pop, and rarely drink juice.
No Ice cream, no pasta, no chocolatey mousse.
No cookies, no desert, no sprinkles on top.
If I had the chance, with another I'd swap.
no mashed potatoes, and no gravy either.
no time for me to take a breather.
I walk, and I lift 50 lb weights.
Strict diets for which there are no debates.
I swim and I jump, I dance and I run.
none of this is very fun.
I read labels, I limit, I put up a fight.
I look in the mirror, my pants are still tight.
Feeling discouraged, I wanna give up.
You tell me I'm fat, and I just say "yup".
I lay in my bed, and cry till asleep.
The hurt that I feel, runs very deep.
I do everything right, and by the book.
Beautiful I'll never look.
Perhaps I'll be forever fat.
I'll never be gorgeous and flat.
I'm nearly fifty inches around
I look in the mirror, a tear rolls down.
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Novlette Passley More than 1 year ago
Teresa Brightly More than 1 year ago
I feel your pain.........great poem....I hope you can hang in there....remember, though it seems all too easy to say....you are beautiful regardless what you think your reflection on the outside seems...if you can write such a deep poem from your inside, I know you are beautiful.
Konstantin Kroshkin More than 1 year ago
Well, I love it for your sincerity. I can't say that I care of thinge like diets, but I care of people's feelings. And I say that your sincerity means more than anything. Passion and honesty are essential and you've achieved it. I love it
Lillian Ingabire More than 1 year ago
I think this poem is long yet interesting!!
BARBARA A. CORNELL More than 1 year ago
Heather VanBeber More than 1 year ago
Thanks, however I am the farthest thing from religious. but it is the thought that counts. I am trying to not let any of the things in this poem get me down... but sometimes it is very difficult. i am trying hard to become the person i hope to someday be. and not just in the looks department.
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