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Way Of Salvation

There once was a man from Galalee
He healed the sick made the blind to see
He taught the people of things to come
He was the son of God he was the holy one
He was born to die on a rugged cross
To save the world so we wouldn't be lost
Nails in his feet and in his hands
At Calvary he died for all the sins of man
On Calvaries cross his blood was shed
They peirced his side and his blood ran red
Right there on that cross is where he died
For the sins of the whole world he was crucified
And on the third day our Lord had risen
The sins of the whole world had been forgiven
All you do to make a brand new start
Is ask the Lord to come into your heart
This is all that anyone has to do
For he'll cleanse your heart and make you brand new
He'll open your eyes so you truely see
So you can live with him for eternity
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Molly Marie Blank More than 1 year ago
I loved the poem, I wish I could write like that! I hope you continue to write but if you can only write when God is giving you something, I understand that. Still wow, God has given you a gift. :)
ARUN MAZUMDER More than 1 year ago
well done...pl.review my poems
bubbles More than 1 year ago
good rhyming,,,true words.
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