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Thoughtless Act

I lay in my hospital bed
knowing in a day or two I’ll be dead
because that’s what the doctor said
my body crushed from head toe to head
in the auto accident the other day
you see I drank too many drinks
before I drove home
now I lay here all alone
thinking of the life
that I’ll never live
and the love to my wife
and children I’ll never give
I’m still a young man only 33
I had so much life ahead of me
now never to walk in the park again
never to talk and have fun with my friends again
my work was just taking shape
and all the money I’ll never spend
now that my life has come to a sudden end
how will my family survive
I won’t be here to see my children grow
or ever here them say again
daddy I love you so
all because of my thoughtless act
to drink and drive
the doctors told me about an hour ago
you also killed a lady in the accident
if I meet her on the other side  what will I say
I’m sorry that when we met you died
and left behind a husband and a child
who also needed you so I don’t know
the very thought of my thoughtless act
is killing me as well
I know my destiny is hell
as death stands patiently at the foot of my bed
to take me away the moment I’m dead
my name is not to be known
because my name could be your own
I have only one thought to leave
before I die
for God’s sake and the ones you leave behind
please don’t drink and drive
written by Dennis H. Davis a long time ago
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Dennis Davis More than 1 year ago
This poem came to me one day when I was driving I tried to write it down but to much was coming to me, so I went to a resturant had a cup of coffee and finished writting this poem. I don't know how this poem found its way into my head but it did. The next day I took the poem to the Highway Patrol office hoping that they might publish it in their news letter to help others, an officer read the poem he said that a person just yesterday had this very accident happen and so far it was not in the news papers, so how did you know about accident, I told him that I just recieved it in my mind and wrote it down. I have had it published in a news letter for MADD. My hope is that it has stopped others from drinking and driving, I do believe that I recieved this information for a reason and wanted to share it with others.
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Dustin Twiggs More than 1 year ago
good impact too.
Gary Hill More than 1 year ago
Sad, powerful and thought provoking poem, lets us the hope the very serious message this poem gives is taken on board by at least 1 person.
Russell Ritchey More than 1 year ago
I hope your taking the time to make a rhyme makes an impact and prevents one too. Good job.
Migo Riba More than 1 year ago
Poetic message to drunkards
Ashley Ruiz Deliz More than 1 year ago
its ok
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