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Remember Me

Well it's nice to finally hear from you again,
I still remember the things we used to do back then,
I hope, like me, you usually replay them,
Because I always do, and I try not to cry as much as I can,

You have always had my heart,
I've loved you from the beginning, from the start,
"I'll forever love you," that was my vow,
But I never knew that I am able to break it now,

Every day, I cry,
Somehow, inside me, I slowly die,
Every night, I'm all alone,
Waiting desperately for you to come back home,

You have no idea how much you bruise me,
It hurts so badly, it makes me want to scream,
Without you, there's just no good thing left in my life,
Sometimes I think about finally ending the pain with a big, sharp knife,

I stare up at the sky at night to see stars,
Wondering just how and where you are,
But staring up and searching for constellations without you is never the same,
At times, I even wish that you never came,

I know it's not a crime,
But I hate remembering you at times,
Because I recall the times that you were still mine,
And remembering us always makes me cry,

I still remember when we first met,
You introduced yourself, saying your name's Seth,
You swept me off my feet and away you took my breath,
And with that, I knew I'd follow you even to the death,

I remember myself getting too excited to get home from school,
When I get there, I see you waiting, looking, as usual, cool,
I practically lost words and seemed like a complete and utterless fool,
But you always told me that I'm dazzling and beautiful,

I remember the time we used to cuddle in your car,
I remember me and you kissing in the park,
I remember when we hoped that it wouldn't rain so for us to see the stars,
I also remember you and I doing things that can only be done in the dark,

I remember that I sometimes come home superbly irritated and stressed,
But when I see you waiting, it somehow relaxes and becomes less,
I remember you gently placing my head on your chest,
You always did make my anxiety melt away with your touch and caress,

I remember commenting on how you were as rich as a king,
I remember us going to malls and you buying me tons of many things,
Things that symmbolized our eternal love like necklaces, bracelets, and rings,
And with that, I knew what we had was real, not just some sort of fling,

I remember our oaths and promises,
I remember us sealing them with lip-locks and kisses,
And every time we do so, the temperature rises,
I swear, you were that one drug that puts me to my highest,

You have always been the best thing that was mine,
Without you, nothing's all right,
I'm sure there's no way I could have ever survived,
If you weren't here by my side,

I even remember asking myself if you were real,
Because you did have a dreamy feel,
You were so perfect in every way,
You remind me of paradise until this very day,

You took away my  sadness and made me very happy,
But, unfortunately, we have to get back to our reality,
I guess the only way I could ever relive those moments are in my dreams and memories,
But I do hope that you won't forget and us, and, most especially, remember me. 
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Patricia Solidarios More than 1 year ago
I made this poem for my boyfriend named Seth. We met when I had a short trip to the States and fell for each other in just 3 weeks. Although we lived in two different worlds -- because he's American and I'm a Filipina -- we still somehow made it work by him constantly visiting me in the Philippines. Our moments are related in the poem 'Remember Me'. I was only twelve then, but I knew that it really was love I felt. After a while, we decided -- much to my dismay -- that we'd just continue our relationship in a distance. It was okay at first, but we slowly drift away from each other. The last thing I heard from him is that he decided to join the army. I didn't want him to, of course, but who was I to tell him what to do? I honestly don't know where he is now. I'm not even sure if he's still alive or whatever. All I do know is that I still love him, and I forever will.
Poetry.com 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
gajananmishra60 More than 1 year ago
Sharon Moemise More than 1 year ago
A bit too long, making it loose the rhyme you managed to hold through most of the poem. Very heartfelt, though. Quite nice.
Tommy Church More than 1 year ago
it was a good poem
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