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All things

If all things come to an end
Why is there war?
Why is there persecution?
Why is there greed, hatred, and bigotedness?
I see that not all things come to an end
Only the good ends
The love, kindness, and generosity run out
But the blind hate seems to overflow from a basin with no bottom
As one conflict resolves
Another sprouts forth

Why does man fight itself?
Why does the pain of one equal the joy of another?
Mankind is despicable
Mankind is crude
Mankind is evil
Why don't all things come to an end?
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billy pascal More than 1 year ago
a passionate and beautiful poem from a poet who recognizes the power of love - but maybe is starting to thin that evil is even more powerful? ...ya know...good = god and evil = devil - simple play on words but profound...hate is easier to follow ...conflict eases recession...war creates weath. mankind is not evil....only the powers that contol us. thanks for the inspiration!
samy y More than 1 year ago
nice poem
Dustin Strong More than 1 year ago
You show a greater understanding. I would love to see how you answer those questions. Because when you do you may find humanity is not nearly as hopeless as it seems.
Oliver Sherman More than 1 year ago
Just brush off the rough grammar and this is an excellent poem. Keep Writing
Holly Moon More than 1 year ago
Its a truthful poem phrased in a beautiful way
Pran Koul More than 1 year ago
A well thought subject and nicely put across. One suggestion - follow the suggestion given by Oliver Sherman in his remark. It will add laurels to your poems. Very well done.
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