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Life and Time

‘Life’ while enquired of ‘Time’,
“Why so much in hurry and always busy ?”
‘Time’ replied with a smile –
“There lies justification
In all its fairness and all the while.”
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Prafulla More than 1 year ago
Nice work
Stella W 10 months ago
Thanks for sharing
Geni Kelepouris More than 1 year ago
I like the way have have written this idea but im a little lost at the end as to what you exactly mean. You have me curious as i like to think about existence. My bad for not understanding your wavelength.
Kerry Sue More than 1 year ago
was short but to the point i loved it
Mick Reid More than 1 year ago
Mohammed Mohsen More than 1 year ago
haiku artist More than 1 year ago
I have two shoes named Good and Nice, one holds sugar and the other spice.
george miehle More than 1 year ago
Life 'once' enquired? last line is onerous
julian lawrence More than 1 year ago
Think I might be a bit too ignorant for this
Peter Kiggin More than 1 year ago
fair comments.
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