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No Pity, Just a Prayer

Has your body ever kept you in bed?
Did your body ever withhold your strength?
The strength that you needed to get up?
The strength that you needed to care for self?
When you are compromised by disease, it can.
The disease can make you weak and tired.
People look at you with saddness and pity.
They do not ask if they can help you.
They may not even offer a prayer for you.
But for the grace of God, it seems to me;
They could be lying where I am and be me.
I do not know why God chose me for this.
I try not to ask the whys and where-fors.
But Like Paul, I pray for relief and exist.
I try to work with the lot I have been given.
Maybe, if I do it right, I will help another.
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Philo Francis 10 months ago
The circle of life..Good times ,bad times.. Things will clear and brighten up ! God willing ! Deep and meaningful write . TQ
Larry Stallings More than 1 year ago
good work
Deepak Kumar Pattanayak 10 months ago
Nice thought...........well done...........
Kate Rutherford More than 1 year ago
I can feel where she is coming from
Oluwaseun Agbaje More than 1 year ago
gajananmishra60 More than 1 year ago
Utkarsh Joshi More than 1 year ago
nice work.
Nadeem Faraz More than 1 year ago
Nice expression
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