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The Letter

The Letter
It arrived today
In a simple
White envelope
Air mail from the USA
I knew you were in there
Wrapped in
A soft fluffy
Robe of love
The message of joy
Radiated through
The paper
With such strength
That I shook
At the thought of
Opening it
I carried it
All day and
Just smiled and trembled
I wanted to open it
In the park
And there
A zillion miles
And a skillion years
Beyond a cherished dream
Came forth
An image
That pulled
All of the wishes and hopes
From the depths of my soul
And gave it the
Wings of Freedom
No gift of words
Can deliver the
True joy I felt
For you and your beautiful child
And for your husband and friend
Who has eyes of strength
And character and
And in your picture
The spirit of contentment
In your eyes
Still has me
Shaking with joy
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ACE More than 1 year ago
Tells a nice story
Sidney Bulgin More than 1 year ago
I liked it.
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