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If I Do Not Write It, Nobody Will !!

I take up my quill,
with ink I do fill,
to write words of expressive
form, with meaningful
I do not write lightly, with
quill, poised in thought,
held between forefinger
and thumb, tightly.

Without giving thought,
before I set my hand,
I need not bother to waste
my time spent and might
as well bury my head
in the sand.

So it be with careful thought,
I write, to release my inner most
and to give pleasure,
gained from the subject or a
philosophical view point,
without repetition or from other
works stealing.

My quest, simply is this, to be 
creative, constructive in thought
word and deed.
I will not set my hand to, without
having plotted, to where it shall

T'is true of anyone, to lead or follow
by example.
The written word can be like a music
score, fine tuned to read and tweaked,
from a sample.

Having a knowledge of a given subject,
to apply, to make sense,
is key in the past, present or
future tense.

All subjects, topics, may or can
be written about.
The beauty of the quill and ink,
is the stroke,
like an artists' brush,
the finished work,
pleasing to the eye,
expressive, subtle,
without it having to shout.

My work, I see as an art form,
to give pleasure and inspire,
a phenomenon,
I never seem to tire.
The written word, is mightier than
the sword.
My quill has a finer point to make.
It is from works, that have been scribed
that an author's persona is given,
to be liked or disliked,
a choice to make.

My persona, is one of generous
giving of a life-time.
This coupled with what I am,
I shall not change, or be changed,
to follow as a lamb.

Critiques there are, accountable I am
not, for I will continue my quest with
an insatiable appetite.
So long as I am able to give or can 
contribute with conviction,
in the firm belief of correctness,
integrity, truth and use of
intellectual understanding,
to be right.

I am not a person to blow my
own trumpet, keeping one's own
counsel, works well,
but I am outspoken, not backward
in coming forward, to challenge
injustice and to satisfactory result.
I cannot abide those with treacherous
and cruel minded attitude and
directed or indirected insult.

My quest shall not be in vain.
Grey skies, clouding over,
come the rain. 
My vision shall be firmly affixed and
clarity shall prevail, in all that I
The seas may be rough, but my
ship, shall steer it's course,
accordingly setting the sail.

Whether it be verse, prose,
freestyle or haiku I compose,
from a given topic of fact or
fictional thought,
I draft the written word in a
form to comprehend and in
furtherance to completion.
It shall not be complete until I
am satisfied,
that all of my disciplines have
been applied.
I feel strongly about why I should
and this I ought.

My works will never be
I draw upon my artistic side,
knowledge and belief,
giving enjoyment,
pleasure to other's,
from an ocean of subject
matter, topics and material
until such time,
I am not able and I am
no more. 
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Victor Gatenby More than 1 year ago
The poem, If I Do Not Write It, Nobody Will !!,' is composed by having thought to seeing through the eyes of a poet and disciplines that are applied, to be an example and guide to other's. The poem reads as if I am that poet and whilst that may be true, demonstrates the persona and written work. I intend the work to be an inspiration for those that read my work to gain from it. V J Gatenby (Author)
Poetry.com 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
John Colton-Vincent More than 1 year ago
This is excellence.
Victor Gatenby More than 1 year ago
John, I appreciate your review of my work and the remarks you have made. Many thanks, Vic
Patricia Blundell More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed reading this even though it was long I love to write but all my poems seem to be sad not happy ones I wish some day I could write a joyful poem like you. Thanks for writing this long poem
Victor Gatenby More than 1 year ago
Patricia, You are very welcome. I am pleased that you have read this work and gained something from it. There have been times when I could only write sad themes. The negative side of our brains seem to be more powerful than the positive, but to actually and physically think of a positive will bring out the happy side and from there a happy theme can be created. Take a look at some of my visual guided works. Many thanks, Vic
Paul Harmon E. More than 1 year ago
very long,,good job
Victor Gatenby More than 1 year ago
Paul, I hope that you have gained something from my work, which is what I intended. I appreciate your time in reading this piece, as lengthy as it is. Many thanks, Vic
A Soul More than 1 year ago
5 stars from me
William John More than 1 year ago
Victor Gatenby More than 1 year ago
William, Many thanks for the review of my work. Vic
Thomas King More than 1 year ago
a bit long but I like it, thanks
Victor Gatenby More than 1 year ago
Thomas, I appreciate you reading my work and your subsequent review. I hope that you have gained something from it. Many thanks, Vic
patty baltazar More than 1 year ago
i love the time you took to write it is amazing
Victor Gatenby More than 1 year ago
Patty, Many thanks for taking the time to read my work. Vic
Mel Johnson 11 months ago
You captured essence of writing.
Victor Gatenby 11 months ago
Mel, I appreciate your review of my work. Many thanks.
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