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My Promise

To my children, I write this just to say
You will never suffer, You will never pay
I will always be there to see you thru
From a distance or close to you
I will watch over your life
Even though the pain cuts me like a knife
Because of whats happened please don't look down on me
Please forgive me for any pain and agony
I love you always
I always will
From now until eternity, your love in return
My heart it will always fill
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Ester Grace. More than 1 year ago
Deepak Kumar Pattanayak More than 1 year ago
Nice thought..........well done............
Novlette Passley More than 1 year ago
yvonne sensing More than 1 year ago
very heartfelt and touching enjoyed
doina More than 1 year ago
Prafulla More than 1 year ago
Simple touching. Well expressed
Phanibhusan Basu More than 1 year ago
Means , --your soul has opened up the doors to LOVE !
Lovell Evans More than 1 year ago
It is an emotional story
Jawahar Gupta 3 months ago
Life is a gift from above
Live and let live
Forgive and forget
Love,laugh and peace
~~~ Jawahar Gupta~~~
Terezia Footes More than 1 year ago
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