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A light through the dark

User by Britt N
Sitting in the darkness
I feel a tranquility and peace
Going into the light
I feel pain and abandon
I know what lies outside the door
But I’m too frightened to face it
Life feels so much better in the dark
I cannot see what lies in front of my eyes
So there is no worry
For I cannot see the very things I fear
But in the light……
In the light it is clear as day
My fears are laid out on the line
I see all the things I cannot bare
I see the pain
I see the sorrow
I see the guilt
The sins
The lying
The cheating
The killing
I see it all…
I wish that I could hide from the light
I wish everything was excluded from my sight
I want it all to go away
To be swallowed by the darkness and be locked away
I cannot bare the pain of seeing
Yet I have to walk into the light everyday
And see the things I fear the most
For the light is life
And darkness death
Life brings the things I fear
But death carries them away
One should not have to fear life
But be comforted by death
But death is a better place, an easier one
The fears are gone and darkness engulfs you
You no longer have to see the Hell light shows
The Hell that life has become
They say life is a beautiful thing
Sometimes…It’s hard to notice
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Sameer Mohammed More than 1 year ago
No Matter How Much Positivity you fill in life,you are drowned by the pain that is around you sometimes, but light makes you glow and become stronger, if there is no pain how would you value what is good, but I acknowledge and appreciate a poet expressing a true thought one has at time's!
Gajanan Mishra More than 1 year ago
Mandy Burgess More than 1 year ago
So much truth
Dawn More than 1 year ago
thought provoking
Mick Reid More than 1 year ago
Jinji Buzo More than 1 year ago
This is well conveyed.
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