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January winds left my heart a barren tundra.
Always on the move, they froze my heart slowly.
The blood pumping out, replaced with ice.
And as February crept through, the cracks deepened.
Until the strain proved my will could not contain it.
Shattered, it had seemed by heart would be forever lost.
April tragedies left my eyes looking through tears.
Flowing down my cheek, my faith had been lost.
A father taken from me, hope had become only a word.
And as May came through, the days became longer.
My mind collapsed underneath the weight of the world.
Broken, voices fled in telling me to give into their demands.
A july miracle left the path home revealed.
In one night, her laughter changed the way I thought.
With her hand out, she had lifted me from a sea of regret.
And as August passes, her heart is where I hope to be.
Restoring my faith in love, restoring my faith in myself.
With my hand out, only time will tell whether or not she grabs hold.
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Asim Nehal More than 1 year ago
I liked the flow
Ryan Pettit More than 1 year ago
solid peom
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