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The Power of Love

Love is a powerful word to say
To the one you need each day
It's a word that should be said with care
Meaning you'll never leave, you'll always be there
For the one you love so true
There are certain things that you must do
Like giving him or her all of your heart
And the promise to never be apart
You try to make your love last forever
Promising you'll always be together
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Chelsea Niles More than 1 year ago
could never say it better myself! Truely beautiful:)
Mona Alexis Pressley More than 1 year ago
Good job!
Amit Gupta More than 1 year ago
tcipere More than 1 year ago
Samuel Maccorrio More than 1 year ago
Love can mean so many things, showed with words and even rings. Though we all wish for it, others chose to quit, never to know ties, never to share tether. For love does not always last forever, when one of two means to sever.
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