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Ol' Yorkie

Yorkie has been in the family,
since being a pup.
He has always thought himself,
to be a much bigger dog.
The difference between a tree
and a log.
Tough as old boots, quick off the mark,
standing his ground,
teeth at the ready,
but only will bark.
Yorkie is now 16 years old,
failing in health.
Still managing to get around
Not a thing Yorkie will let happen,
to deal him a blow.
Yorkie will not let anything
stand in his way or let it
be time for him to go.
Yorkie keeps going,
He will not give.
Such tenacity and spirit,
this little dog has.
Head strong, mind-set,
for the will to live.
It shall be so sad,
when Yorkie does
but he will have gone,
taking with him,
memories and
love within his heart.  
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Victor Gatenby More than 1 year ago
The poem, ‘ Ol’ Yorkie,’ is composed by having thought about the family pet dog, a Yorkshire Terrier, who is 16 years old and despite having a failing heart, going blind and is deaf, soldiers on regardless. He has not given up the will to live. In comparison, how many people would have thrown the towel in by now, if they were in a state like Yorkie. It is an inspiration to us all, that if a little dog can soldier on, so we can we. V J Gatenby (Author)
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Robert R. Woods More than 1 year ago
This actually is very nice tribute to "man's best friend." A sense of humor too. Sometimes (like with people) we find the rather odd things our pets do to be their most endearing qualities. I would suggest that you don't all the commas you have... it breaks up the ideas where you need to have them flow.
Catherine Menichelli More than 1 year ago
Heart breaking when they start get sick. I just had to put my little Magoo to sleep, he was 18yrs old
Peggy Caulfield More than 1 year ago
Such memories you too will have of him. I have a cat and I would never give him up. Great tribute to little Yorkie.
Alan Green 'Guppyman' More than 1 year ago
the poet tells of their love for old friend namely yorkie the dog
ajjohnson32 More than 1 year ago
What's not to like about a "doggy" poem. Keep writing. ajm
Victor Gatenby More than 1 year ago
Ajjohnson32, Now that is what I like to see. A review with some words and sentiment. I appreciate your reading my work and review as it should be. Many thanks, Vic
William John More than 1 year ago
Arvind Kuril More than 1 year ago
Victor Gatenby More than 1 year ago
Arvind, This is a true account of our dog, not me. Thank you for reviewing, Vic
Carolyn Durling More than 1 year ago
From the heart, how hard to see a faithful friend reaching old age.but how wonderful to have had so many years together.
Victor Gatenby More than 1 year ago
Carolyn, Very nice comments. I appreciate you reading my work and reviewing. Many thanks, Vic
Edward Wilkes More than 1 year ago
Victor Gatenby More than 1 year ago
Edward, a review is supposed to have some content. Ok is not sufficient and is a lazy way of gaining points.
KB Manchanda More than 1 year ago
Victor Gatenby More than 1 year ago
KB, Just to write ok does not say anything at all. I appreciate you reading my work, but a little more of an effort on review could be asserted.
Gray Matter More than 1 year ago
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