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Land of Winter

A leaf floats by on the back of a breeze
A green flash in a vista of white
As snow falls, so feathery white
Coating the world with a cleansing glow

Travelling, travelling, as the leaf moves on
Over young saplings under a blanket of snow
Over great oaks and pines galore
Those elders and survivors of old

Gently weaving through the maze of trunks
Flitting past wolf cubs, cuddling for warmth
Past the deer which hides for safety
Past the world which obeys its duty

Finally, it settles on a desolate plain
Only to be covered by the relentless snow
Encased in ice, it sleeps a deep slumber
To awaken to a new world, filled with wonder

Thus is the journey of a single leaf
How I wish I could only be this free! 
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Seyedeh Nastaran Pezeshki More than 1 year ago
snowy day in nature and a leaf . A single leaf may be like us human beings as we are some how alone and single thank you. Wish you more.
Surhdique Adeogun More than 1 year ago
enjoyed reading this.it's well thought out
Siddharth Singh More than 1 year ago
Someone Unknown More than 1 year ago
WilliamJohnJ More than 1 year ago
Sonja Carnes 4 days ago
AMAZING poem here
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