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Sorrow's Sapping Grasp

It’s a foreign feeling from far ago
Aggravation that I allowed it to go
Gone already but it’s a glimmer of hope
That I’ll be able to open this door
No more will I suffer from sorrows sapping grasp
Not asking much except of myself
Just asking if life will free me from its subtle jail
Hell and back; back to back episodes of this farce
Forcing myself to enforce when this feeling returns
Force myself to enjoy it
Depressions just an annoyance now
Now I can brush this burden off my shoulder
I’m older now; I have experience under my belt
I’ll bellow and yell at the top of my lungs that I’ve overcome this sickness,
Ridiculousness, for too long I’d been fettered
Never felt better, joy instead of sorrow
Tomorrow’s a new day, any pain I’m willing to fight
Fight it alone, hand to hand combat
Mortal kombat, I’ll fight till the end
And never let depression get the best of me again.
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Louie Joe More than 1 year ago
Work on your choice of words and a little editting.. This could be epic! :)
Gray Matter More than 1 year ago
"Far ago"? Spelling and grammer needs help desperately.
Killiam Agudelo More than 1 year ago
Heartfelt and Honest... But needs to be more... I would revise it... It's worth it... Often beauty comes from pain.
Matthew Passion More than 1 year ago
It is NOT yours to control. Brain chemistry goes bad - all you can do is struggle to overcome the symptoms. Interesting poem, but scattered.
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