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With advent of spring, on mango trees   those  flowery  buds
had swinging dance ,
the courtyard    full  with   stormy  drops and loosing  luck
seeking  chance

 Was end of march ;with april touch  the storm returned.
once again
 All flowering  hopes were on the floor weeping  more !
dreams  in vain

 Was it  ever   a bad dream -- never;  yet   they dreamt 
 hoping for  spring
 with  re-newed  strife , some-when in life ,this  failing spring 
will again sing !
Or maybe -- then , some where again  these buds will return
 in   coming -spring !
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apolinario villalobos More than 1 year ago
very inspirational
Christopher More than 1 year ago
But the writing needs some cleaning up.
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