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Love Lit

Love does not falter,
It last forever.
It will not alter,
Unless it means to get better.
Love affects people,
In ways that are indescribable. 
It is the only feeling that can make feel full,
And still long for more.
Who can say that love,
Does not last forever
It is a feeling most desired,
And one not easily rid of.
I tell you this,
Love with all your heart.
Let it into the abyss,
Of every crevass of your heart.
Hold onto it,
With all your might.
Keep your love lit,
And never hide it under a rock.
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Ben Sy More than 1 year ago
Very inspirational contestant of love and all of its rarity to hold and create!
Joshua Colbert More than 1 year ago
Well done....
Maxie Sutton More than 1 year ago
true poem, words say it all
Christopher More than 1 year ago
But love can also be a person's undoing sadly.
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