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laying in bed

Laying in that bed
I woke up one morning with a smile upon my face
things go round and round, upside down then everything starts to change
so I get up on this sunny day
even though im still in pain
I decided to have a good day
I spent half my life laying in that bed
trying to be happy, but crying instead
I mean what am I suppost to do
when I  can't get over you
you were me first love and you ment everything to me
you were my first love and i just set you free
so this is when the guilt sets in
and i begin to cry again
you knocked me off my feet
broke my heart then you up and leave
now look at my smile fading away
the clouds move in and it starts to rain
so here I am laying in this bed again
this is worse than any other day because Today im in so much pain
I hate how you act like everything is fine
you say it's no ones fault but mine
I don't have anything to say
so im just going to walk away
it's time to say good bye
no more stupid lies
im closing my hearts door
no room for you anymore
you made me go insane
put me through so much pain
Today is the last day, Im done
no more clouds just the sun
im done with all this pain
tired of your games
you know i love you
 but hear i am without you
It's time for a new start
im tired of my broken heart
time for my life to actually begin
because today i vow i will never lay in that bed crying again
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Dawn Delvecchio More than 1 year ago
i loce it!
Ben Sanchez More than 1 year ago
keep writting
Erica Tooley More than 1 year ago
thank you
Paul Harmon E. More than 1 year ago
DAVID MACON More than 1 year ago
Jawahar Gupta More than 1 year ago
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