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the moment

I always love You, ’cause
You revitalized me quantum by quantum
Every twinkling speck; or still
Micronizing Your magnificent Touch,
In terms of Plank Time! –
Which I am unable to define,
Sketch, design or style!
The Moment this, how tiny You are!,
Micro-microscopic, nanoscopic rather!
Still I adore You, ’cause
You are my Master Chef!
Always contemplating my taste;
But at times designing anew
Which irritates and disappoints me
The moment which I saw first,
The breath first I took, my first scream
Which- like You or along with You-
Smelt the sweet breeze, the Light that
Always led me to the Truth,
This is always in me.
But, the But is always behind me,
That is You, You I know, to pull me
To the depth, to push me to the aperture,
Or even strangulate me to the ultimate doom.
Still I know the Truth. I hear it
From Your lips, dawn an’ dusk;
Your hush, murmuring; I inspire-
Significant and hysteric!
Plank Time=Ref.Cosmology
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drkgbalakrishnan kandangath More than 1 year ago
All poets I love
Gajanan Mishra More than 1 year ago
drkgbalakrishnan kandangath More than 1 year ago
Larry Weaver More than 1 year ago
It was good - very good. Disappointed the definitions are added at the end. Not necessary. If the reader finds any interest at all in the theme of this poem, the terms will be understood. Those that do not understand won't get beyond the 4th line anyway.
drkgbalakrishnan kandangath More than 1 year ago
Victoria Castillo More than 1 year ago
its okay, its very exhausting to read, though.
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