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My Daily Routine

How to be parallel to your mind?
I always think of something but end up wishes declined,
My stiff neck gets across my back down through my vein,
As I lay with two pillows down my head is very hard to define,  
I work six days in a week and sleep six hour just to feign,
I watch movies with some popcorns and spicy chips,
I get glued in my bed and watch my television in midnight hours,
I make my own coffee and drink in sips,
Sometimes it’s difficult to be away from the city,
I live in a small town with restaurants and saloon being little-bitty,
My everyday routine is work and home nothing else to be told,
Especially during the weekdays I’m tired of my work load,
I drive a ford which is old and I’m not bored,
I have passion in music; I like R n B, Hip hop and pop,
I love food and no restrictions to good appetite and better menus,
It’s hard to manage a team but it’s my job,
It’s so funny when I drive though different avenues,
I see jobless people roistering around the road,
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FAzy FAz More than 1 year ago
This poetry is exactly what i do in my everyday life...work and home...sometimes I hardly have the time to go out with my friends too.
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King Street Loon More than 1 year ago
i love it
Subhashchandra Adhav More than 1 year ago
Excellent work!
Kingston Town Loon More than 1 year ago
end it funny!
Rajshree Jha More than 1 year ago
Mohamed Fazloon More than 1 year ago
thank u
Umesh Upadhyaya More than 1 year ago
Simple experiences of daily life, nice poem.
Andrew Myers More than 1 year ago
You express alot in odd ways, but the oddness really makes the poem...like
FAzy FAz More than 1 year ago
I like the way you mentioned the oddness....thanks for the comments.
FAzy FAz More than 1 year ago
thanks andew!! i like the way you said oddness!!
Deannea Riedel More than 1 year ago
could use a little more work on it but overall it was a good poem.
FAzy FAz More than 1 year ago
Thanks deannea....yes you are write...it was written within few minutes...I should have reviewed it more and added few more lines too. thanks for the comments.
FAzy FAz More than 1 year ago
thanks deannea....honest opinion is always welcome!
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