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With thoughts of you I’m haunted.
Fearful if I fall, I’ll get up brokenhearted.
At a crossroads.
Unsure of which direction to take.
Can’t afford to make the wrong decision.
Can’t fathom another mistake.
Seeking for answers and truth in your eyes.
The windows of your soul, cause the soul never lies.
Everything I need to know, you do your best to hide.
Full of ego.
You’re over-indulged with pride.
Tone it down a notch; put your fears to the side.
We’re both uncomfortable on this roller coaster ride.
Running from the unknown, trying to dodge a bullet.
Pretending there’s nothing there is never the way to cure it.
Watch the clock. Tick tock. Time will never stand still.
Time to stop denying and start relying on what is real.
So my thoughts are secluded.
In the midst you’re included.
Dissecting the situation, picking through the diluted.
The entire circumstance I find myself assessing.
Gotta find the truth, I’m done with all this guessing…
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Nadine Miliner More than 1 year ago
real talk this is for sure.
Annie Lander More than 1 year ago
message delivery
Latoya Castleberry More than 1 year ago
thank u :)
Nick Adegwe-Oshomah More than 1 year ago
Very nice. Beautiful
Cheryl Laney More than 1 year ago
Remarkable, enough said......
Latoya Castleberry More than 1 year ago
thank u :)
Shakil Ahmed Baliyavi More than 1 year ago
interesting thought, very well written, just keep guessing, keep up.............
David Ehrgott More than 1 year ago
not bad
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