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Title of Poem

I promise theL-U-V is coming,

but I hope and pray that I'm not to late.

And I know it's wrong of me to wish, to hope, to pray for this

or is it that alone just until I get their is

your sweet, sweet solitary companion, company, best friend

just until, just until theL-U-V blows in.

And face to face we are with my eyes

capturing all of you, capturing all of me and theL-U-V capturing,


I swear I lay awake at night thinking of my arival and I dream

during the day of theL-U-V coming Just4U.

You can call this crazy but I know it's destiny, providence, divined,

deificly blessed!

Oh! I know theL-U-V being there Just4U is written but I must admit

that the thoughts of heavens clouds crying so thunderously loud 40 days

40 nights with lethal emotional lightening strikes interpreted as the wickedly late

shall get no rest even thy brother thy Apostle Noah with his 20 century rebuilt Ark

wouldn't escape if theL-U-V was tardy at your arrival gate.


theL-U-V is coming, theL-U-V is coming....;-)

GOD Almighty Bless US All..!!!!!

Another theL-U-V Original....;-)

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Emma Buckley More than 1 year ago
random :) enjoyed though, very bright and vivid .... make a song of it and i would dance
David Smith More than 1 year ago
Cornell Mack More than 1 year ago
Sammer Ghouleh More than 1 year ago
Good read
Anna Laurencio More than 1 year ago
well done, keep sharing
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