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Generation's gap

I wonder on loss of innocence to technology today
Why there are no long relaxing hours for mind, body and soul?
Why micro moments filled with gadgets and iphones ?
Why story books are lying in the shelves?

Kids say, books are too long to read
they have seen in video games and cartoon movies!
They refer to youtube , google when asked for something
All assignments are done by mere search.

Modern Tolstoy’s life is like a chat room,
hundreds of friends on the three social networks
Virtual life gives him a kick, mouse pads have replaced watching epics
He had fixed some poker game challenge on Facebook
His blackberry continues to beep with messages and alerts.

You call them to accompany you to zoo
And he tells you to watch them on
Animal planets or national geography channel
If you ask them about their family and real-time friends
They say family and friends are so boring,
I don’t enjoy anything with them.

I wonder will my kids ever understand all this
The shells, colorful pebbles that was so painstakingly collected
and carefully placed in old shoe boxes
Running barefoot in the rain in the lawn ,
on the terrace, in the field ,
carefree and brimming with joy ,
splashing water with the toes full of mud and weeds.

Making paper boats and watching them zigzag
water streaming through the narrow lanes.
Climbing on the trees and
sitting for hours observing the world beneath,
legs swinging to some unheard music,
Playing marbles, hopscotch and other local games.

Making tents out of sheets and
blankets over the furniture and
escaping into a magical world lit by torch.
So sad to see the world has changed very fast
Generation is passing by widening the gaps.
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Generation's gap, by Asim Nehal 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 32 reviews.
Deepak Sahu More than 1 year ago
It brings back lost moments and gone days, well written Asim
Asim Nehal More than 1 year ago
Thanks much Deepak
Khalil Goddard More than 1 year ago
Very touching poem.
Asim Nehal More than 1 year ago
Thank u so much Khalil
Lorenzo Polizzotti More than 1 year ago
I have liked your poem, I'm 17 yo now, but when I was a child, I've done a lot of things: I can remember that I've searched and collected a lot of shells and I continue to look for beautiful pebbles, I've splashed water every time it rained and I loved to see the drawing that were formed by the union of water and mud. I did a lot of paper boats, and watched as they sailed by immagining a world of paper pirates. I did the tents with blankets and furniture. But today it grows up in a hurry and I could not do all the other things you have listed. Thank you for the writing of this poem, you've sent me back of years. Hoping that the gap is not so big, and that my children will do these little things that have given me so much joy!
Robin Costales More than 1 year ago
keep it up. and if you have time please read and review my poetry too. thank you and God bless!
Asim Nehal More than 1 year ago
Thank u so much Robin Costales....
Trent Becker More than 1 year ago
Well thought and written. I sometimes worry about the future of our species.... first we alienate nature and ignore our inner need for balence in the world, but now we are alienating each other... family and friends, neighbors and co-workers. When are we going to get it right already. I'm still waiting for the positve energy to pull ahead in the race. But we just don't learn.
Asim Nehal More than 1 year ago
Thank u so much Trent, Glad u liked it.
Asim Nehal More than 1 year ago
I appreciate much
Zubair Hussain More than 1 year ago
I admire this writing.
Asim Nehal More than 1 year ago
Mike Jacks More than 1 year ago
This gap will widen further with generations following generations. Good to see you successfully adapted to this change. Thumbs Up..
Asim Nehal More than 1 year ago
Thank u so much Mike
Mike Jacks More than 1 year ago
Asim Nehal More than 1 year ago
I liked ur haiku
Mike Jacks More than 1 year ago
Thanks Asim
yvonne sensing More than 1 year ago
This poem has a nicely written story...excellent expression of the message...great poem
Asim Nehal More than 1 year ago
Thank u so much yvonne, Glad u liked it.
Joseph Anthony More than 1 year ago
I really liked it, great work. Check out my poem "A Cashier's Plea" if you get a chance, leave a review if you want
Asim Nehal More than 1 year ago
Thanks again
Asim Nehal More than 1 year ago
I checked yours long back......
Paolo Baiada More than 1 year ago
I thought that this poem is very beautiful, because it talks about how were the kids before and how are now. The principal difference is that the kids today don't stay anymore outside, feeling the ground and the nature. Before kids enjoyed playing with simple things and now more they have, more they want without be satisfied. The problem are the smartphone and the kids are addicted to its, for this they don't have a quiet life but always a busy life . I am sure how its said, the poem that the gaps in the kid's life are very important and don't have to grow up to fast.                 
clifton redmond More than 1 year ago
thats amazing work asim brilliant work
Asim Nehal More than 1 year ago
Thank u so much Clifton....Glad u liked it..
Farida Amin More than 1 year ago
Absolutely true, this poem also reminded me of my childhood when I used to paly in a natural beauty, climbing trees, playing with paper boats, having shower in the rain, spalashing in the water, how wonderful life was that, the new generation computerised there brain and they do enjoy much in natural things. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I love it
Asim Nehal More than 1 year ago
Thank u so much Farida...Glad u liked it....
Paola Lo Cicero More than 1 year ago
Paola Lo Cicero
I like all the images that the poem suggests and through them to deal with the generation gap which is  getting deeper and deeper leaving no space for hope and a better future.
Daniele Bruscia More than 1 year ago
I really liked this poem. I can confirm partly what that he wrote becuase i grew up in this new generation. Often when the school ends and do my homeworks i play computer games for about 4 hours, however when i was young i picked up a lot of shelves and placed them in a beach bucket. It's true that technology has changed the new generations to wors, but with it we can do things that we could not do, for example: communicate with someone far away , discover cures for diseases and so on. At the end i think that technologies are good things with moderate use.
Michele La Barbera More than 1 year ago
This poem contains the opinion of who has born in the generation before our, it fully contains how were kids in past and how are them now. I'm 16 yo, and yea when I was child (4-5 years old) I loved play with my superheroes toys.. but.. when I've discovered how powerful was the technology with the first "next gen 3D video games" I was just like... wow! Playing with toys was so fun but also was very limited! The technology has offered to me a lot of creativity and no-limits on my imagination purposes.
Kim Spivey More than 1 year ago
This poems captures all the aspects of a time when people really spent quality time together. BRAVO!!!!
Saumya Sharma More than 1 year ago
nicely analysed
Asim Nehal More than 1 year ago
Thanks much...Saumya
Doina Mican More than 1 year ago
Excellent poem
Asim Nehal More than 1 year ago
Thank u so much. Very true, I wanted to highlight our childhood and what I see their childhood, books are no more liked.
SUzan Live More than 1 year ago
It reminded my childhood days, Thanks for writing such rememberence poem...
Asim Nehal More than 1 year ago
tanya vats More than 1 year ago
tooooooooooooooooo goooooood...................................................
Antonio Renna More than 1 year ago
A beautiful poem, very touching and that makes you think about how the world and the generations have changed over time.
This poem can be useful also for explaining to kids of today, as before there was much more fun even with simple things, and how gradually all these values are blurred into nothingness to give space to technological objects that are empty and they can never give real emotions.
Now we see too often, how people look at things only through a screen of a mobile phone rather than see it live.

n balakrishnan More than 1 year ago
nice who old are you but the peom was very nice
Tabea Bachstein More than 1 year ago
Such a true, relevant message, and nicely executed (: Now I want to go and read a book of fairy tales, revisit my seashell collection, and go on some adventure!
Asim Nehal More than 1 year ago
Thank u so much Tabea, Glad this poem re-ignited fire to read books and relive past moments again.
Jasmine Sharma More than 1 year ago
Me too..
Asim Nehal More than 1 year ago
Thanks Jasmin , once again
Gabriele Palmeri More than 1 year ago
One of the important things about this poem is how we receive an opinion about our world, by an older person. It is true that many children of the "new generation" had left many "old generation" habits, but we're not supposed to tar everyone with the same brush: in fact, i've met kids totally attached to technological devices, as well as kids who prefer playing with friends, with no electronic devices involved
Anyways, this poem made me think about how fast the time seems to pass: in a few years, we've passed to a totally connected society, from a not-so connected one. But technology isn't so bad as some people describe it.
To solve the problems exposed in this good poem, i would suggest to let kids interact with the "technological world" from a certain age, like 6-7 years old: in fact, many persons of my age, myself included, had their first phone when they were like 8 years old.

To sum it up, technology is something that could improve our lifestyles in a way we can't even imagine right now, but every excess is bad, so we need to balance our habits, trying not to get addicted to something that could make us forget the fantastic possibilities and opportunities we have around us.
Derrick Puente More than 1 year ago
Asim Nehal More than 1 year ago
Thanks much Derrick
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