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The Great Spirit Morns Us.

Today is the day the Great Spirit made me.
It is the day I came into this great land.
The moon, my wife looks down on me full in her brilliance.
She watches me from affair and her face is sad.
I am troubled by the distance now between us as I walk this great land which the Spirit has provided.
He, the Master of all things is saddened by our inability to connect.
The heart of the Great Spirit is sad by her choice to be so high in the sky.
I share His sadness but his heart is attached to his tears and he begins to cry.
As He sheds his tears the brilliance of my woman is clouded and covered by His emotions.
The Great Spirit pours out His feelings on to this once great land.
With each raindrop that falls from His face, I feel it cold upon my body.
As the Great Spirit morns our love, I too feel His pain deep within my core, as the pain spews from my mouth.
My wife, the moon, is now gone from site and the Spirit fills the night sky with sadness.
This, on the day of my birth. 
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Gary Gallegos 10 months ago
A touchingly sensitive poem.
Andreas Simic 6 months ago
There are some efforts that are a joy to read. This was one of them.
Nestor Pastor 5 months ago
I am sad too because this poem reminds me the day I knew that my mother died about 22  years ago.
but this one of the best touching poems I have ever seen. thanks Keep the spirit
Amoni B 3 months ago
And sorry for your loss
Atupa Mul-lure 30 days ago
beautiful poem
Angelia Lawrence More than 1 year ago
I like this poem because the imagery and symbolism is Native American (I think). I do not feel qualified to critique this genre except to say I was moved.
Debra Delgado More than 1 year ago
Could almost feel the emotions myself!
Everett Lindsey More than 1 year ago
Thank you for sharing.
Jodie Coughlin More than 1 year ago
very well written.
Sonja Carnes More than 1 year ago
I see a beauty in its purest. Thankyou
Bonzell Joins, Jr. 3 days ago
Good poem
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