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The gate of heaven

The gate of heaven
Is closing slowly
Leaving all of us behind.
Before you are left
Engulfed in darkness.
Cleanse your flesh
In guilt
And stand in line.
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wilson More than 1 year ago
Cheryl Gold More than 1 year ago
i believe it talks about when you are ready to die, you best be ready to go with Him or be ready to go to Hell,.
Sarah Rose Hall More than 1 year ago
Amen. So very true. Good tead.
clifton redmond More than 1 year ago
good poem
Naushaba Perveen Khan More than 1 year ago
wonderful idea less words , great meanings to enter heaven one has to buy a ticket of faith, trust, honesty and truth instead of standing in the daarkness of guilt and sin
ARUN MAZUMDER More than 1 year ago
Jerry Stiles 12 months ago
Great poem ma'am,,short and to the point of salvation,,,
Ludovik Celaj More than 1 year ago
i like the style
Lavonne Ripley More than 1 year ago
get in line
Samuel Bernal More than 1 year ago
"And stand in Line", really.  Do you honestly belief that we will have to stand in line?  This poem is too fragmented for me.
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