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Waterfall lying down smoothly towards lake 
fishes are going deep with dominant pressure 
When it falls down their trawl in deep in rake 
Searching for others victuals to deep in seek   
The fisherman was hunting in the bank of lake 
Hunt fishes, would bake it for lunch as well 
dine, He put his fishing weapon in pond waits 
while he is waiting to grab healthy and take 
up, he felt the hook are heavy he pulled up 
got stout fish, he jumped up with glad face 
he took it out and had planned to how to cook 
then enjoy with stout fish, he would be pack 
meanwhile the eagle jumped on stout fish and 
took up and vanished on sky, the hunters was   
let down and would go back without fish bake 
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Ahmad Imtiyaz 11 months ago
Great people also think and asvices about great creations.
Ofuonyebi 'Dinobi More than 1 year ago
nice job..............keep sharing
Diane P Tabor More than 1 year ago
Good story, and life sometimes end this way!
Stella W More than 1 year ago
thank you for the share
Janet Beeler More than 1 year ago
I thought it was unique! Continue writing you definitely have talent! God bless
Elias Foukis More than 1 year ago
Good poem
Zafar Iqbal More than 1 year ago
Nilabhra Paul More than 1 year ago
children's choice...
Zafar Iqbal More than 1 year ago
Lynne Hancox Bounaaja More than 1 year ago
I love the story telling and imagery but feel the poem needs much more work to perfect it.
Zafar Iqbal More than 1 year ago
okay i will do
Laboni Saif 11 months ago
enjoyed the poem
Naveen kumar verma More than 1 year ago
Moatter Aqeel 14 days ago
nice job dude !!! keep trying .... !!! 
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