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Evening is a poem
tangible, intangible
infinite moments
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Anjam Abbas More than 1 year ago
venerated sir, I am viewing and studying ur poems countinuously....i find unexplored depth in them...sir i am going to publish a book on Poetry. i wish to get comments of prominent poets around the globe and ur personality is of them....so i need ur comments so that i wud publish them in the pages of my book...so plz give me some of ur precious moments and write 2 or 3 lines for me regarding my poetry....hope u will write for me in ur first leisure...i shall be thankful to u for this kindnesss. plz snd me mail at anjumaziz@live.com regards: Anjum Aziz Abbas some of my poems are as under, When I look to the night sky When I look to the night sky Leaving the panic world behind In the dominion of starry nigh I travel to the galaxies so high Stars are dim in the moon light Goddess Moon is on the throne Her majesty is on the height And the surrounding glows bright Every star has its cosmic world Too different than the earth Which looks pensive and absurd? As no groans and pains are heard All are busy in their specific role And they never fatigue To locate their concerned goal Neither they stay nor they stroll I was in the romantic shroud But the groans of my world Explodes the balmy veil of cloud When someone calls my name aloud To a Butterfly O' short lived butterfly Ye live forever in the dale of beauty Spreading about the rainbow of colours Thy honeydew makes saline moments Of the spectator, sweet and manna When thy reflection in his eyes Gets a forever protection… Monarch like expedition do you make From country to country Crossing the boarders of brooks Meadows, deserts and spiky paths And occupy the states of gloomy hearts Diurnal ye are as a man But stop! There's a wide gulf Ye console the weary heart in tne long run He grants weary heart to the consoled one Materialism…. He is not just a countryman of mine Even we have a same boundary line But many years turned into history Our looks remain a part of mystery Hunter… To brothel Cyprian goes And priest to the Church What's there for them They are in search Tis' a Chance that evaluates In the game of luck and doom There is crash there is boom Some win without action Some actions lack reaction Some fall in exertion Some succeed in desertion Some defeat in holding seat Some triumph in their beat Tis' a chance that evaluates Success and defeat are just baits sir i wil wait ur worthy comments. thanks.... anjumaziz@live.com
Joyce Anthappen More than 1 year ago
Joyce Anthappen 12 months ago
Well commented
Mic Cinani 11 months ago
Lovin this poem
Joyce Anthappen 12 months ago
Saraswathi Vicky 12 months ago
ARUN MAZUMDER 3 months ago
Billy Sanchez More than 1 year ago
Short, but leaves the mind to wander
Joyce Anthappen 12 months ago
Well commented
Euvela Higgins More than 1 year ago
2nd line disqualifies it for haiku by 1 beat; GREAT Poem though
Dana Moon More than 1 year ago
More difficult than you think to do haikus
Joyce Anthappen 12 months ago
Well commented
Saleh Mazumder More than 1 year ago
Joyce Anthappen 12 months ago
Well commented
Nalinakshan Erattappuzha More than 1 year ago
Tonjaleya Pitts More than 1 year ago
i like it
Gift T More than 1 year ago
Jenna Hienz More than 1 year ago
could be longer
David Ehrgott More than 1 year ago
it's a haiku
Dana Moon More than 1 year ago
5-7-5 syllables
Sonya Marie Robinson More than 1 year ago
no story , I like story but it meant something or u wouldn't have wrote it
Simon Christos More than 1 year ago
jennas critique has got to be the biggest understatement of the year. This wasn't even a poem. It was just three lines of words put together that did not make sense. If you are the top contributer to this site who knows what kind of garbage exists on the website.
David Ehrgott More than 1 year ago
Look up the word haiku then, get back to me. also, who said i was a top contributer?
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