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- Tell to me,
Having consider your year,
What time was the best ?
-A days were the happiest,
My darling
Do loved me...
- But was not either, tell,
Such day,
When you cried,
The grief not hiding?
- The darling has forgotten about me.
That day is the most black
I name...
- But it was possible do not to love at all!
To live without a love -
And is easier
And is quieter!.
- Likely, it is easier.
Can be...
But in the life
The such day
I do not remember.

Rasul Gamzatov. The Final price.
Moscow: the Contemporary, 1979.

- Скажи мне,
перебрав свои года,
Какое время самым лучшим было?
- Счастливейшими были дни,
Моя любимая
меня любила...
- А не было ль, скажи,
такого дня,
Когда ты плакал,
горя не скрывая?
- Любимая забыла про меня.
Тот день я самым черным
- Но можно было вовсе не любить!
Жить без любви -
и проще
и спокойней!..
- Наверно, это проще.
Может быть...
Но в жизни
Я такого дня
не помню.

Расул Гамзатов. Последняя цена.
Москва: Современник, 1979.
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sonia crt 5 months ago
well done
Poetry.com 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
S. Subhashini More than 1 year ago
Well expressed
Sharon Talty More than 1 year ago
This is about a broken hearted man.
sonia crt 5 months ago
i can feel...excellent
Bokwe Julie More than 1 year ago
If edited of the typos it will be perfect!
Ismet Özce More than 1 year ago
I like it.
Mohsin Khan More than 1 year ago
The typos are distracting and the poem itself is OK.
Doug Craven 10 days ago
Great job on this clear written well and an excellent read. Way to go
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