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Whirlwind my Mind

My mind, a spiral drift,
whats reality, I sift.
Through thoughts, feelings beyond,
spiral drift, I'm spun.
Back to reality, I try to stay clear,
focus, on what is near.
My thoughts, tangled up rope,
I spin around, not giving up hope.
Downfall, quick,
I come back, I get my grip.
My mind, my thoughts,
I'm back in line,
I'm focused, I'm clear,
my world is mine.           
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Ramesh Patnaik More than 1 year ago
Mind the seat if soul is focused and in control. Nuce.
Ravikant Svateerth More than 1 year ago
Novlette Passley More than 1 year ago
good job
Ofuonyebi 'Dinobi More than 1 year ago
well done..........
bijim dominic More than 1 year ago
Good one
Dion Wise More than 1 year ago
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