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Take Back The Wounds

Backwards words healing wounds

Rewinding time back
before hurt

If I could take back what has
already happen I would

Backwards words healing wounds

Sealing up the cracks left on her
broken heart

Just like mine

The same breaking, aching inside
taking in scars

The splitting mirrors image
putting bits and pieces
back in places
where we appear clear again

Backwards words healing wounds

Eyes swallowing tears

Frowns upside down
forming at the same time
the clock rewinds

Backwards words healing wounds

If I could take back
all the bad moments
and spin back the hands to
hands holding each other
unfolding a dying rose back to bloom
I would

Backwards words healing wounds

Stealing voices
in the choices we make that
break us apart

Backwards words before breaking hearts

If only

We could start all over...
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Sarah Smith More than 1 year ago
Saraswathi Vicky 12 months ago
mercedes More than 1 year ago
if only that was easy to do... things happen for a reason...
mercedes More than 1 year ago
or should i say razon ... lol
Adiela Akoo 9 months ago
Lovely imagery
ARUN MAZUMDER 9 months ago
Suszana Krizer More than 1 year ago
yea i can relate. nice poem
___________________ More than 1 year ago
I really like the rewind imagery here.
Bruce Davidson More than 1 year ago
pompus jumps to mind i'm afraid, i'm too baked to think of a more adequate word, yes its ok, the metaphors feel pushed/not organic
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