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I look up into the stars and I wonder what you see...
I feel lucky to gaze upon the same piece of beautiful sky you lay eyes upon...
I imagine your eyes make the sun seem insignificant...
Your smile makes me forget painful memories..
Your touch sends warmth through my veins, makes my heart pump twice
But its colder than winters breeze turning my writers block to ice...
Holding you in my arms is all that I want to do sometimes,
Wishing just for an instant life had a button for rewind..
But it doesn't 
so I wait for history to repeat itself....
I sit amongst fantasies of you 
And I purposely forget about the clock for time does fly,
and with you on my mind
there is never enough of it.
Many others have come close to you...
But they don't know what I've been through, 
they don't fit to my puzzle like you do, 
I swear you have me under some sort of voodoo...
You know you have my heart 
But my soul belongs to you too..
Isn't it obvious?..
And when it rains I sit and watch the drops move down the window pane. Sitting here alone because no one is the same..
So many attempts, but I remain single without regret.... 
Because I am in love with a woman I have  never met...
My dream girl, my soul mate...
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Sam Daniels More than 1 year ago
well written, neatly structured and tells a good story :)
Rîchård Açévédø More than 1 year ago
We all fantasize, in fact, all poets fantasize when they write. That is the way it should be. Good job here!
Raymond Holt. More than 1 year ago
Thank you!!
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