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Rejuvenation Vaccination

In a world of temptation
Dependent on medication
Craving a sedation
A pill for each frustration
A fix for civilization
Pray for the vaccination
In a world of starvation
Addicted to damnation
Absorbed in misinformation
Blind to each assassination
Strung out on speculation
 Pray for the vaccination
In a world of suffocation
Engulfed in dehydration
Hooked on acceleration
Ignorant of the manipulation
Fanatic of the hallucination
Pray for the vaccination
In a world of depreciation
Lifelong zombification
Never ending radiation
Destitute of unification
And without salvation
Pray for the vaccination
A vaccination
To end devastation
Reverse isolation
Renew our education
To allow our rejuvenation
Pray for the vaccination
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Trevor McDade More than 1 year ago
Take me alone for a long temptation that fill with a pill How to end it all a ’vaccination’.  uhm what a trip!  Lol Groove!
Rod Daniel More than 1 year ago
You did that. Going to come back and read this one
Jillian Veitenheimer More than 1 year ago
Ah thanks, just messing around with words..my root word was medication and how much it pretty much fits our world.
Alastair Bridle 11 months ago
This poem flows so well. The rhyming is masterful. A thoroughly enjoyable poem.
Diana Sitnic 9 months ago
bravo wow
CLINT 2 days ago
Very good read 
Yevmineff Serge More than 1 year ago
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